Our Values

Our Values


“To build Rammed Earth Walls of timeless, natural beauty contributing to quality sustainable homes that will continue to be a pleasure to live in for generations to come.”


“To maintain our commitment to sustainability, integrity, performance, quality, value and client satisfaction.”


Our values are the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles of how we work together and provide high-quality services to our clients:

Practice Honesty & Integrity

Be respectful and genuine when interacting with our clients, suppliers and each other.

Strive for Quality

Continuously strive to create a high quality product and experience for our clients.

Sustainable to the Core

Place sustainability at the core of everything we do.

Prioritise People

Create a working environment that prioritises the physical and mental safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Be Curious

Have a genuine curiosity to learn and improve.

Speak Up & Listen

Communicate openly and approach each situation with an open mind and desire to understand each other.


    Our vision at Rammed Earth Enterprises is to be recognised as:

    • Leaders in the construction Stabilised Rammed Earth Walls.
    • Working with rather than against the environment.
    • More than just Rammed Earth builders! We are a dedicated team constantly researching ways to improve what we do and how we do it.
    • A company of choice, whose clients recommend our services as their building experience has been positive and their walls are exactly what they wanted.